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Charles Dickens  1812-1870

Dickens’s humiliating childhood experiences and his conflicting feelings for his father are widely accepted as the influence for the duality of, Ebenezer Scrooge. In 1824, his father was imprisoned, along with the rest of his family (as was common in the day) except for twelve-year-old Charles who was  forced to take lodgings nearby, pawn his collection of books, leave school, and accept employment in a blacking factory. It was his wages that paid off his father’s debts, and even after his father was released from jail at the end of a three month stint, Charles had to continue to work to support the family. Charles had a deep sense of class and intellectual superiority and was entirely uncomfortable in the presence of factory workers who referred to him as “the young gentleman”. He developed nervous fits and his continued employment after his fathers release only grieved and humiliated him further. It was during this terrible period in Dickens’s childhood that he observed the lives of people in the most impoverished areas of London and witnessed the social injustices they suffered.

A Christmas Carol an opus for peace on earth

What is not commonly explored in the TV productions and movies of A Christmas Carol is the nature of the relationship between Ebenezer and Nephew Fred. Fred is the son of Ebenezer’s sister Fran. Scrooge never felt welcomed in his father’s house, it was Fran that came to him one Christmas as a boy and convinced him that she had made peace with his father for him and that he was welcomed home. But upon his return home that year all was the same. Fran later died in labour giving birth to Fred. A loss Ebenezer never recovered from.  Fred would have been to Ebenezer a constant reminder of the charity of his sister, whom he dearly loved, and her loss. It is Fred in the opening scene that reminds Ebenezer how he had told Fred that his mother always knew how to keep Christmas. The catalyst to which became Ebenezer Scrooges worst nightmare, and ultimately his rebirth.

We proudly present to you a truly one of a kind musical journey of the rebirth of Ebenezer Scrooge. A year and a half in the writing right here in Gananoque, bringing  local talent, students and professionals together. On behalf of Stephen Beardwood & Robyn Ableson Production and the local business that have supported us, as well as the cast and crew, may you have a wonderful Christmas and experience your own rebirth through this unique retelling of the Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol.

Stephen Beardwood

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