The Locket of Bristol


Truly a one of a kind musical that casts both people and puppets, “The Locket of Bristol” is coming May 2012 to the Firehall Theatre Gananoque.  Our story takes place in the 1800′s along the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Gananoque. The characters are based on real historic figures traveling on a fictional and incredible adventure featuring real landmarks, towns, historical places and people. An original script and music created by Deanna Lyn Micallef (Deanna Lyn Productions) and Stephen Beardwood (

The Legend of the Locket of Bristol itself starts in England many years before our main story begins and ultimately takes our characters on a hunt for a hidden treasure climaxing on Grenadier Island in the heart of the Thousand Islands. One fine Gananoque morning just after the wedding of John Hervey and Elizabeth Drummond, Governor Colin Drummond gives his daughter Elizabeth a locket steeped in history “The Locket of Bristol”. The locket was passed down for several generations from mother to daughter, and now it Elizabeth’s turn to possess it.

The Legend has Lord Bristol sailing for Kingston down the St. Lawrence River when his ship sinks in a storm with vast sums of his wealth on board, a  young sailor (Sailor Jerry) is able the save himself and washes up on Grenadier Island along with the treasure.  Sailor Jerry is eventually rescued, having buried a large chest filled with gold coins, diamonds and gems.  Taking what he could carry he returned home and commissioned a Locket with a map inside. As fate would have it the locket was sold to Lord Bristol, who had also survived, as a gift for his wife.

John Hervey, Elizabeth’s new husband knows the story and the locket, and wants treasure, but he is not the only one looking for the lost Bristol gold. The Locket of Bristol follows the follies and adventures of a truly one of a kind treasure hunt, where inner thoughts and desires are expressed in song and everyone is a little wayward.

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