Stephen (Stefen) Beardwood

Stephen Beardwood is a musician with 30 plus years experience including successful performance of his original works at the Firehall Theatre at the 1000 Islands Playhouse. He works with a group of dedicated and creative colleagues committed to learning and promoting the arts through music and performance of original material.

Stephen teaches guitar and violin, and has had the privilege of teaching gifted students as well as both physically and developmentally challenged students. With Stephen’s encouragement all of his students have grown musically and have had the opportunity to play their instruments in public performances with professional and semi-professional musicians.

Stephen has tried to be a serious constructive member of society, but has opted instead to be a musician looking to do what every other musician isn’t doing. He has chosen to pursue a sometimes painful but always rewarding road to success. Stephen has already begun his next project with even more brewing within his creative mind.

Stephen teaches one on one or in small groups, using simple repetitive patterns which unlock the mysteries of the fret board. From individual notes to rifts or scales laid over top of movable chords Stephen makes learning easy and enjoyable. For the advanced learner who is looking at improving their expression or trying their hand at song writing Stephen’s knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Maybe you’re just looking at booking an evening’s entertainment for a wedding, house party or local venue. Stephen is available and can provide a truly entertaining time for whatever your musical needs are.

For the larger venue, Stephen has developed a group of dedicated and creative colleagues. They are committed to learning and promoting the arts through music and performance of known and original material.


Keeping projects moving forward and completing them